This Teacher Went Above The Call Of Duty To Help A Student Bullied Over His Haircut


At Winlock Miller Elementary school in Washington, a fourth grade teacher gave a surprising response to a young student’s terrible horrible no good very bad day.

According to Q13 Fox, nine year old Matthew came to school with a buzzed haircut. An older student began laughing at a bald spot on the back of Matthew’s head, causing him to feel embarrassed and self- conscious. He refused to go into the classroom.

The teacher, Tori Nelson, said she found young Matthew outside of her classroom, crying. He confessed that he had been laughed at and was afraid of the other students’ reactions to his haircut. He also had a hat on that he refused to take off.

In an act of inspiration, Nelson offered a deal to the boy.

 “What if I let you cut my hair after lunch? …Then I’ll look like you, and if that guy makes fun of you again, he’s making fun of me too.”

Nelson then went home to get her clippers and, with a cheering and shocked classroom watching, she allowed Matthew the opportunity to give her a buzz cut.

This was a unique style of dealing with bullying within the schools. This was one teacher going the extra mile to prevent a student from feeling ashamed of his looks, or intimidated by others. This is probably going to be an experience that young Matthew will carry with him for the rest of his life.

Nelson went on to say that the motto at the school is, “Be the difference,” and she is one who is living up to those words. She said,

“I don’t know if I am going to get the kids to pass the state test, and I don’t really care, to be honest with you. If these kids leave here knowing that there’s an adult that cares about them and worries about their well being, then I’ve done my job.”

In an age where the answer to bullying seems to be lawsuits, ineffective bullying campaigns, and the money that is thrown at both, it is nice to see a common sense and creative approach in the classroom.

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