Opps : Terrorist Suicide Belt Goes Off Accidentally During Terrorist Sing Along

An epic fail for terrorism as a singalong turned into the site of a potentially deadly explosion.

Syrian television broadcasted the scene in which a group of incompetent terrorists were singing together when a click could be heard, followed by an explosion.

The Syrian network reported that the cause of the explosion was a suicide vest that detonated prematurely, but social media is skeptical.

Some viewers have pointed out that the terrorist on the right seems to be holding up something in his hand, which they presume is a detonator of some sort. They suggest that the terrorist is showing off the device to the camera, and accidentally detonated it.

Others have noted that in certain clips of the scene, an RPG can be seen sitting on the table. The “click” that could be heard, just before the explosion, seems to indicate that a device of some sort had been activated. Those who offer this suggestion have also commented that a suicide belt would have left nothing in the room intact, let alone the camera and the ceiling fan that can still be seen in operation.

The logical conclusion, then, is that the RPG trigger was pulled, blowing a hole in one of the room’s walls, and sending terrorists fleeing for their lives.

The terrorist group claimed responsibility for numerous attacks in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. Its unknown if they will claim “responsibility” for this attack on themselves.



Some social media commentators have also been critical of any who found the above clip funny, deriding those who laughed at the notion that karma was biting these terrorists in the butt by causing them to be the objects of one of their own deadly explosion. Their complaints seem to be that, even when it happens to terrorists, violence is never something to laugh about.

The truth of the matter is that, while it is true that violence is not funny, terrorists do not deserve the world’s sympathy.

These are evil men, by definition, who prey on the innocent and the unsuspecting. Even worse, the terrorists of modern times hide behind a perversion of a major world religion as justification for their actions.

They tell their members that if they die in the process of killing “infidels,” even if those infidels are simply men, women, and children who are eating at a restaurant or attending a concert, then they will be given an eternal reward.


Terrorists deserve to be mocked and laughed at, and anything terrible that befalls on them should be acknowledged as well-deserved.

In the interest of mocking the terrorists of modern times, enjoy this clip from An American Carol:


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