Mob Attacks Man at Tennessee Gas Station After He Helps Old Lady Get To Her Car

A Tennessee man found himself the subject of a lynch-style mob after simply helping an elderly woman, who was afraid for her safety, to her car.

It happened in Memphis, at a BP gas station, when Mary Fuller, an elderly white woman, noticed the swarm of Northwest Prep Academy students gathered outside of the gas station.

She explained that she was terrified to go out to her car.

That’s when good Samaritan Orrden Williams, Jr, a black man, decided to step in and escort Fuller to her vehicle.

As he was in the process of doing a good deed, Williams says that he noticed that many of the high school kids were throwing up gang signs and causing a ruckus.

Williams reportedly told the teens to be quiet and to clear out of the area, and that’s when the youths, like a swarm of bees whose hive had just been kicked, darted in for an attack.

The teens charged Williams, as a group, and began throwing kicks and punches at the man who had dared tell them to stop disturbing the peace.

Williams made a mad dash to get back into the store, but security cameras revealed that the BP worker held the door shut, preventing Williams to make it inside and to potential safety.

Having no alternative, and with blows raining down on him, Williams sprinted through the violent lynch mob to his vehicle, and was able to drive away.

His car sustained damage, and Williams reported that one of the youths almost punched his infant child.

In addition to being a good Samaritan in helping an elderly woman to her car, Williams is also being applauded for demonstrating restraint in dealing with the mob. You see, Williams is a legal firearm owner, and had access to his weapon while the mob of teens was attacking him.

Instead of opening fire in defense of his life, the man explained that he did not want to cause a situation in which several mothers’ children did not come home.

“It would have been a couple of mommas who’s child wouldn’t have come home- justifiably not coming home”

No word, as of yet, from Al Sharpton or Black Lives Matter about the lynch mob that formed against a black male that put he and his infant child in danger.

Perhaps it’s because Williams attackers were black. You can believe that if the youths were white, we would be hearing about this attack as an example of how racist and oppressive the United States is for the next decade.

You can watch the video below, but be forewarned that it does contain extreme violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

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