Here Is A Gun Chart Liberals Don’t Want You To See

Gun Control Chart

This chart puts the theory that more control laws equal safer civilians to rest, and Liberals don’t want you to see it.

Liberals want, instead to put forth anecdotal evidence of shootings, and claim that they are wide spread. They want you to believe that the reason for mass shootings is that guns are too readily available. After all, if we were to ban guns completely, the murder rate in America would plummet, right?

This theory that liberals push never holds water when compared to the facts.

In Chicago, Barack Obama’s hometown, as well as Washington D.C., where Barack Obama lives now, residents faced strict gun restrictions from their government, and yet gun violence soared and murder rates continued to increase.

The reason is pretty simple: criminals don’t, by their very definition, follow gun laws. You can make a law that disarms every citizen of the country, but criminals will still hang on to theirs. All you have done was disarmed those that follow the laws and made them vulnerable to those who don’t. This is why mass shootings happen in ‘Gun Free Zones.’ The murderers know that there will be nobody there to stop their rampage.

The chart above shows that the less restrictive gun control laws become, the fewer homicides we see. This is because gun control laws only effect responsible law abiding citizens.

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