FBI Expands Probe Into Hillary Clinton’s Illegal Email Server And A Potential Violation Of The Federal False Statements Statute

Things aren’t looking good for Hillary Clinton with the shocking revelation that the FBI will be expanding the investigation into her secret email server, particularly looking into whether statements she made during the course of the probe were false. This news was reported to Fox News by sources in the intelligence community who requested that their identities be kept secret. Such a development would be devastating for Clinton’s election prospects, if not her chances of avoiding prison time, if the FBI determines that she did indeed make false statements to investigators, as providing “materially false” statements to federal agents is a grave violation of U.S. Code 18, Section 1001. The statute clarifies that it applies to written and oral statements as well as ones made through a third party, giving Clinton little wiggle room and little opportunity to lean on friends to defend her claims.

Section 1001 is the statute that led to the government apprehending Martha Stewart and giving her time in federal prison, as Fox News commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani observe in the video above. Stewart’s arrest indicates that the feds are more than willing to enforce the statute against wealthy and powerful individuals who flout it, suggesting that they will be just as willing to use it against the former first lady and Secretary of State.

The fact that the Obama Justice Department is countenancing a deeper probe of Clinton’s emails is very telling as well. One would think that the administration would do everything in it’s power to prevent one of it’s former cabinet members from being investigated, but the information leaked to Fox News suggests that even they believe that they can’t minimize the magnitude of Clinton’s alleged offenses. Indeed, Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity that he was convinced that if the improprieties alleged by Fox’s sources were found to be true that Attorney General Loretta Lynch would open a case against the Democratic frontrunner, describing the Attorney General as a “fair” and trustworthy person.

But that isn’t the only trouble headed Clinton’s way. Not convinced by the classification labels on emails provided by the State Department, the FBI is starting to evaluate said emails on their own. Fox News reports:

“Separately, two U.S. government officials told Fox News that the FBI is doing its own classification review of the Clinton emails, effectively cutting out what has become a grinding process at the State Department. Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy has argued to both Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and Congress that the ‘Top Secret’ emails on Clinton’s server could have been pulled from unclassified sources including news reports.

‘You want to go right to the source,’ Gill said. ‘Go to the originating, not the collateral, authority. Investigative protocol would demand that.”

“A U.S. government official who was not authorized to speak on the record said the FBI is identifying suspect emails, and then going directly to the agencies who originated them and therefore own the intelligence — and who, under the regulations, have final say on the classification.”

Better get ready Hillary, cause the G-men are coming after you!

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