Actor James Woods Has An Answer On How To Fight Crime In America: Buy More Guns And Learn To Use Them

James Woods

The Obama administration is preparing an executive order to ignore the American Constitution by circumventing Congress. Their unchecked and unbalanced measure will, among other things, establish stricter gun control laws for law-abiding citizens. Actor and director James Woods has a simple message for the American people:

“Buy more guns and learn how to use them.”

His Tweet came after the slaying of a pastor’s wife in Indianapolis. Authorities believe that a trio of men entered Amanda Blackburn’s home and held her at gunpoint. Two of the men left the residence to use her bank cards to withdraw money from her accounts.

Though the circumstances of her death are unclear, what is known is that, shortly after the return of the two home invaders, Blackburn was shot and killed. She was the mother of a toddler and pregnant with her second child.

Police have identified the three suspects as Larry Taylor, 18, Jalen Watson, 21, and Diano Gordon, 24. One of the suspects, Larry Taylor, has been connected with a string of murders and burglaries prior to the Blackburn murder. Taylor is alleged to have raped a woman while he and his two accomplices burglarized her apartment, and Taylor is also accused of slaying Rolando Gonzalez-Hernandez. Gonzalez-Hernandez was only carrying $10 in his wallet.

James Wood’s tweet is an unusual stance for a major Hollywood actor. Most of the actors and actresses who identify with Conservative principals, the Republican Party, or the NRA, choose to do so anonymously out of fear of backlash from the highly Liberal industry. Many fear that they will lose work if their Right-leaning political beliefs are known publicly.

A group of one such closet-Conservatives, identify themselves as “Friends of Abe,” named so to honor the first Republican President, Abe Lincoln. The Republican Party was formed in the nineteenth century to stand against the Democrat Party who stood for the practice of slavery. For liberals that think that their party is the party of Civil Rights, I will repeat that: The Republican Party was formed to stand against the Democrats, who were in favor of the practice of slavery.

James Wood has been outspoken with his criticism of the Obama administration’s efforts to restrict the Second Amendment. Last month, he Tweeted:

“I just joined the @NRA. I don’t even own a rifle, but I’m just sick to death of #Obama’s gleeful degradation of constitutional sanctity.” 

In 2013, Woods was asked if he felt that his Conservative leaning comments would have any impact on his career. The actor had no misgivings on the matter,

“I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first.” 

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